Our inaugural sweetheart collection box set has it all. Two Anniversary cards, two Birthday Cards, two Valentine’s Day Cards, two Mother’s Day Cards, two I’m Thinking of You Cards, and four I’m Sorry Cards (no, that’s not a typo, we have given you FOUR I’m Sorry cards. Trust us, you will use them!)

We’ve got you covered with greeting cards for your wife for two years! Each card has a unique design, a pre-printed inside verse, and is paired with a colorful matching envelope – creating a special and unique greeting card for each occasion. 

Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day cards feature foil printed elements for an added touch. Thinking of You and I'm Sorry cards are printed in full color process. All our cards are printed on a premium felt paper - we're settin' you up for success, dude!


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5" X 7"
Two Anniversary Cards, Two Birthday Cards, Two Valentine's Day Cards, Two Mother's Day Cards, Two Thinking of You Cards, and Four Apology Cards
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Review of first sweetheart

Daniel Birchmeier on Oct 8th 2021

The quality of the cards are good. The package of the cards are a great idea which I have been looking for quit some time. To make the selection of cards even more beneficial to us guys that do not like to shop, replace a couple of the misc cards with Easter and Christmas and Thanksgiving. I realize this doesn't apply to everyone but possibly make it base package with a few alternate selections. Overall a great idea and a great product.

Great Product!

Tyler on Jul 26th 2019

I was able to get this box-set just in time for my anniversary. Saved me from having to go to the store for the next 2 years! It was always hard picking the right card every occasion but these do the job perfectly each time. Awesome product that I look forward to keep getting!


Peter Roughgarden on Jul 25th 2019

A great quality greeting card unlike other box cards I’ve purchased from the store. Honestly they don’t look or feel like a box card! A great variety so I don’t have to run around to the store for each event a card is necessary. Really pleased I found you guys!

I'm Covered

PR on Jul 17th 2019

Lets be honest, no guy likes to go to the store looking for greeting cards. With this set now I don't have to. This box covers you for all of the important dates and also includes "Thinking of You" and "I'm Sorry" cards....I don't think I ever bought a "Thinking of You" or "I'm Sorry" card, but I see how these will be great to have. I would highly recommend this for any guy.

Highly Recommended

Joe on Jul 17th 2019

I normally don't write reviews because I find that every buyer has their own take on a product, but I just felt I had to express my gratitude and the fact that this is a win for many of us out there. A friend told me about the Sweetheart collection at Oak City Greetings and I just put it in the back of my mind. He reminded me of them later and how an "I'm sorry" card came in handy. Initially, I was not interested because I like to pick the saying in a card but don't like card shopping. I read what the Sweetheart collection of cards said for each occasion and I was very impressed that I bought a set. The quality of the cards and envelopes exceeded my expectations. I think 14 cards for $35 that covers two years' worth of occasions and the fact that I don't have to go card shopping is money well spent! Thanks Oak City Greetings!

Great idea, great product!

Cards for Daysss on Jul 16th 2019

My wife is the type of person who LOVES getting a card at every big occasion, and there were a few times where I thought to myself, "I probably don't need to buy a card this time, it will be fine..." BIG MISTAKE! None of those times ended well for me. I buy cards 100% of the time now, and was excited to learn of this one card set that had many of the cards I'd need for TWO years (seriously, why hasn't this been a thing before now??) Having received the cards, I was particularly impressed with the card quality. A few years ago I ordered Christmas cards on Amazon that had a nice design on the front, but ended up being super thin, were blank on the three other sides, and were smaller than I expected. I ended up being too embarrassed to mail them to my relatives lol But the cards in this set are the real deal - the paper is thick and textured, the text inside is well written and stylized to match the rest of the card, and even the back of each card look like the ones you'd buy in the store. I'm hoping that having four "I'm Sorry" cards in this set will be overkill, but you never know... I do like that each one seems to convey a slightly different meaning, so when one is needed you can pick the one that fits the best. Overall, I'm very impressed with this card set. Nice work, Oak City Greetings!

Totally Worth It

Kevin on Jul 16th 2019

This is an awesome idea, the price is amazing, and the time it is going to save me makes it even more worth it. I'm glad I found Oak City Greetings!